What are the influences of cultural architecture to a city’s cultural and social development? The West Kowloon Cultural District is one of the biggest cultural projects in the world. Starting from the research on the cultural waterfront in Kowloon, we will discuss and explore the role of cultural architecture in the development of a city in terms of cultural development, urban planning, knowledge-based economy, cultural tourism and creative industries.

Performance: East Wing West Wing 8 – West Kowloon Dragon Balls
Exhibition: Rethinking the Cultural Waterfront

East Wing West Wing 8 - West Kowloon Dragon Balls

Grand Theatre, HKCC
18 -19 / 9 8:15pm
19 - 20 / 9 3:00pm
Ticket Price: $400, $250, $200, $160, $120

Playwright and Director: Mathias Woo
Performers: Cedric Chan, Tanya Chan, David Yeung,
Dick Wong, Edgar Hung, Carson Chung, Albert Tsang, Carmen Wu, Shirley Yip

Music Director: Yu Yat Yiu @ PMPS
Music: Yu Yat Yiu, Edgar Hung
Theme Song: Gayamyan

Unlocking the Mystery of the Total Failure of Land Use Planning in Hong Kong

Why are all architectural designs in Hong Kong the same ?
Why do most public buildings look so hideous ?
Why does the HKSAR Government make all old trees die under their care ?
Why is it so freezing cold everywhere in Hong Kong with air conditioning ?
Why can’t we ride our bike to school and to work ?
Why is the Government making Victoria Harbour smaller and smaller everyday with reclamation ?
Why can’t we have a decent museum in Hong Kong ?
Why can’t West Kowloon become a world-class culture centre ?
Why couldn’t Hong Kong ever be London, New York or Tokyo ?
Zuni's East Wing West Wing is the first-ever celebrated comedy series in Hong Kong aiming at bringing about a Hong Kong-style civic education based on topics of current social and political issues . The forthcoming eighth episode ‘West Kowloon Dragon Balls’, a burlesque of the HKSAR Government, focuses on the latest development of the West Kowloon Cultural District, and will continue to explore the urban planning and city development of Hong Kong.

In Cantonese.
Running time is approximately 90 mins without intermission.

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rethinking cultural waterfront

Foyer, HKCC
1 – 13/9
Free Admission

Curator: Prof. Chang Ping-hung
Co-organiser: School of Architecture, CUHK

Setting out along the waterfront from Tsimshatsui to the West Kowloon Cultural District, covering venues such as the Hong Kong Coliseum and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, we shall explore the various possibilities of developing the community of arts and culture in Kowloon. Through this series of workshops, some proposals on urban planning and design will be drawn by the students of School of Architecture of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

“Envisioning the Cultural Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui along the Cultural Promenade, the research will review under the idea of ‘place-making’ and its relationship with the city, the fabric, the harbor, the connection, the cultural image and the development of West Kowloon. While urban design is an articulated way of making public spaces, releasing potential uses as well as enhancing 'place-people' interactions, land use planning and cultural venues design are two tiers to develop the TST Cultural Promenade into an accessible, enjoyable and memorable place for cultures. This project is aiming at providing an interpretative understanding of its challenges and potentials amidst complexities of daily operations, multi-level circulations, mixed-use activities, public/private interfaces and year-round occupancies.”

– Prof. Wallace Chang